Product Description

PU202*: Level Converter HTL to TTL-RS422 (no potential separation)
PU204*: Level Converter TTL-RS422  to HTL (no potential separation)

PDF manuals:
  • PU 202 is a level converter for incremental encoders  from HTL (A,B,Z, 10-30V) to TTL and RS422 standard levels, max. frequency 200 kHz. The unit can also translate different standards of direction signals to the quadrature standard (see drawing) Power supply 5 VDC
  • PU 204 is a level converter for incremental encoders from TTL-RS422 standard to HTL (A,B,Z, 10-30V) level , max. frequency 200 kHz. The unit can also  translate quadrature input signals to other standards of direction signals
    (see drawing). Power supply 10-30 VDC
  • Both units are available as open p.c. boards with a frame for DIN rail mounting
Level conversion HTL-TTLLevel Conversion TTL-HTL

PU210*: Universal Level Converter and Potential Separator
for Incremental Encoder Signals

[PDF manual]
  • Signal inputs A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z adjustable to TTL/RS422 level or to HTL (10-30V) level
  • Signal outputs  A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z (push-pull), output level depending on remote voltage (Vext. = 5 – 30V)
  • Potential separation between input and output by high-speed inductive coupler
  • Suitable for conversion of a A/B quadrature direction signal to a static direction signal and vice-versa
  • Connection by choice via SUB-D-connector or via screw terminal strips
    (parallel circuit)

    Level conversion and potential separation


GV210*: Dual Universal Level Converter (no galvanic separation)

[PDF manual]
  • Universal encoder interface, applicable as dual level converter, encoder splitter and encoder cross switch.
  • Two encoder inputs A, B, Z, and  /A, /B, /Z, each individually adjustable to either TTL/RS422 level or to HTL (10-30V)  level.
  • Two signal outputs A, B, Z and  /A, /B, /Z, likewise individually adjustable to either TTL/RS422 or HTL (10-30V) level
  • Contactless and bounce-free switch-over between the encoder channels, by remote 24 volt control signals.
  • Power supply 12-30 volts DC, auxiliary output 5 volts (2x125mA)  for supply of incremental encoders

    Impulse Level Converter for Encoders

Dual TTL-RS422-HTL converter

IT251*: Universal Level Converter with Frequency Divider
and Direction Decoder

[PDF manual]
  • Level converter for incremental encoder signals A/B/Z to both directions
    (RS422 / TTL to HTL and HTL to RS422 / TTL, see drawing)
  • Additional impulse divider for error-free division of quadrature encoder signals, with adjustable ratio from 1:1  to 1:4096
  • Separately adjustable marker pulse divider
  • Translator between various modes of indication of the direction of rotation
  • Max. input frequency 300 kHz
  • Power supply 18 – 30 VDC
  • Compact housing for DIN rail mounting
  • Power units for 115/230 VAC supply: see accessories

    Level conversion and impulse division

Signal level converter, impulse divider