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Upgrading Guillotine Machine

Upgrading Guillotine Machine (paper cutting machine) to a fully automatic system by using (touch Screens, PC and PLC) for the following brand:

(Polar , Schneider, Wohlenberg , Challenge , LM , and Perfecta) For all sizes of machines with these features:

– Maximum tolerance is 0.01 mm in full scale.

– 55 programs includes 2000 steps.

– Special program for labels.

– Calculator.

– Production counter include preset counter for dedicated amount.

– Secured program to avoid accident erase.

– Programs for air table and production ejector for each step.

– Protection light barrier.

– Pc interface or color touch screen 7’’, 10’’.

– Password for operators entry and master key for supervisor.

– English / Arabic language pages include instruction manual.

– Diagnostic program for errors detectors.

– Connected by fax modem or Ethernet to remotely fix errors through our customer service.

– Granted up to 18 months.

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Rotary cutters

Rotary cutter is one of “on the fly cutting” in case of a continuous product feed. The term “Cutting on the fly “ signifies the speed synchronization between line & cutter during cutting . We can specify the cutting zone in terms of degrees as per the cutter type & mechanism provided to get proper cutting . Motion control algorithm with the application program or parameters ensures better accuracy & productivity. Paper cutting , corrugated sheet cutting , label cutting are some of the applications.

Rotary Eccentric Shear Control

This technology is normally used for the metal cutting on the fly with continuous material feed . The complex motion algorithm for the synchronized motion with cosius profile during cutting is the main feature and gives better accuracy & productivity . The cut zone profile can be changed as per the material properties & thickness. Aluminium , CR steel , Mild steel sheet cutting are some of the applications.

Tubular Bag Machine Control

Various function of the packaging machine can be controlled better servo technology. Accurate positioning & higher speeds are the main criteria for with productivity. In modern automation systems, older CAM driven technology is replaced with new electronic gearing or camming motions are replaced with new electronic geaing & camming technology. Motion controller gives different motion functionalities required for different processes. Machinery for Form fill seal, Blister packaging, Food packaging are some of the applications.

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