Product Description

V/F Control + Auto-torque compensation function

z Mixing

z Conveyors

z Extrusion and Injection Molding

z Machine Tools

z Winders / Unwinders

z Fans

z Packaging Machines


-Range: 0.01~650.00Hz.

-Setting resolution:
*Digital input 0.01Hz *Analog input : 0.06Hz/60Hz.

-Setting: *Keypad : Set directly with▲▼ keys or the VR (Potentiometer)
on the keypad.
*External Input Terminals: AVI(0/2~10V), ACI(0/4~20mA)input.
*Multifunction input up/down function(Group3).
*Setting frequency by Communication method.

-Frequency limit: Lower and upper frequency limits, 3 skip frequency settings.


-Keypad run, stop button.
-External terminals: Multi operation mode 2 / 3 wire selection,
Jog operation.
-Run signal by communication method.

Commonly Control

-V / F curve setting : 6 fixed curve and one customized curve.
-Carrier frequency 1~16KHz(default 5KHz).
-Acceleration and deceleration control: 2 off Acc / dec time parameters, 4 off S curve parameters.
-Multifunction input: 19 functions.
-Multifunction output: 14 functions.
-Multifunction analog:output 5 functions.

Main features

*Overload Detection, 8 preset speeds, Auto-run, Acc/Dec
Switch (2 Stages), Main/Alt run Command select, Main/Alt
Frequency Command select, PID control, torque boost, V/F
start Frequency ,Fault reset, Firemode.

Protective Functions

-Overload Protection: Integrated motor and Inverter overload protection.
-Over voltage: 100V/200V : Over 410V, 400V : Over 820V
-Under voltage: 100V/200V : Under 190V, 400V : Under 380V
-Momentary Power Loss Restart: Inverter auto-restart after a momentary power loss.
-Stall Prevention: Stall prevention for Acceleration/ Deceleration/ and continuous Run.
-Short-circuit output terminal: Electronic Circuit Protection.
-Grounding Fault: Electronic Circuit Protection.
-Other protective functions : Overheat protection, carrier frequency following as temperature decreases, fault contact output, reverse limitation, unattended start protection (USP) , times of automatic reset setting, parameters locking and etc.

communication control

Standard built in RS485 communication (Modbus), and it can
make control at one to one or one to more.


-Operating temperature: -10~50℃ .
-Storage temperature: -20~60℃ .
-Humidity: under 95%RH ( no condensation) .
-Shock: Under 20Hz, 1G(9.8m/s²)20~50Hz 0.6G(5.88m/s²).
-Specifications of EMC: complying with the first type of environment of EN 61800-3 .
-Specifications of LVD: complying with the demand of EN50178.
-Security level: UL508C .
-Protection level: IP20 .