Product Description



IT210 Level Converter, Direction Signal Decoder and programmable pulse divider

  •  Level Converter (RS-422, HTL Single Ended, HTL Differential, TTL and and vice-versa

  •  Implementation between the two types of representations for the direction of rotation (A/B 90 °, A/B Direction and vice versa)

  •  Adjustable division ratio of directional A / B pulses

  •  Adjustable division ratio for the Z pulse

  •  Reset of the Z divider by external input (defined setting)

  •  Zero setting of the A / B / Z divider by external input (defined Start / Stop)

  •  Z divider can also be used as an independent second divider

  •  Limit frequency up to 1 MHz, depending on the input format

  •  Push-pull outputs direct SPS control

  • 9 to 30 VDC power supply