Product Description

DX 020*: Panel Tachometer and Frequency Counter

[PDF manual]

  • Simple low-cost panel tachometer with dimensions 48 x 24 mm (1.89 x 0.945’’)

    and LED size of 8 mm (0.315’’)

  • Power supply 10 – 30 VDC, Impulse input for max. 60 kHz

  • Suitable for display of RPM, frequency, speed and cycle rate in a range

    from 0 to 999 999 engineering units

  • Programmable full scale display at any  input frequency

  • Easy to set up by two front keys and menu support

  • Add-on frame for 50 x 25 mm panel cut-out (1.969 x 0.984’’)

Electronic Rate Meter / Tachometer


ZX 122, ZX123*: Preset Tachometer with Relay Outputs

[PDF manual]

  • Multi-purpose tachometer with dimensions 48×48 mm (1.89 x 1.89’’)

    and operation modes as tachometer, counter or timer / stopwatch

  • Two presets and two output relays

  • ZX 122: 10 – 30 VDC power supply,

    ZX 123: 90 – 250 VAC and aux. output 24 VDC for encoder supply,

    otherwise both models are similar

  • Max. input frequency 20 kHz respectively 10 kHz

  • Bright LED display, 6 decades at 8 mm size (0.315’’)

  • Programmable impulse scaling factor

  • Easy to set up by four front keys and menu support

  • Add-on frame for 50×50 mm panel cut-out (1.969 x 1.969’’)

Electronic Preset  Tachometer


Tachometers, Speed and Rate Meters with Outputs and Interfaces

DX 342*:  Speed and Rate Meter (2 relays, serial RS232/485 interface)
DX 345*:  Speed and Rate Meter (display only)
DX 346*:  Speed and Rate Meter (analogue output)
DX 347*:  Speed and Rate Meter (2 presets / transistor outputs)
DX 348*:  Speed and Rate Meter (serial RS232 / RS485 interface)

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  • Universal multi-function units  with operation modes as tachometer, speed or rate meter and frequency counter.

  • Suitable for display of RPM, speed, cycle rate, baking and processing time, with supplementary counter and timer / stopwatch functions.

  • Counting frequency 25 kHz in speed mode and 100 kHz with  A/B quadrature count

  • Dimensions 96 x 48 mm (3.780 x 1.890’’) and 6 decade LED display at 15 mm

    (0.590’’) size

  • Universal inputs for sensors and encoders with PNP/ NPN or Namur characteristics (HTL level 10 – 30 V)

  • Easy scaling and setup by means of 3  front keys and menu support

  • Selectable linearization function with 16 interpolation points

  • Aux. output 24 VDC / 150 mA for supply of sensors and encoders

  • Power supply 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC (model DX342: 24 VDC only)

Speed and Rate Meter


Dual Frequency Counters with 2 Encoder Inputs for Measuring of RPM, Speed,
Baking and Processing Time, Speed Ratio, Differential Speed etc.

SD 340*: Speed Ratio Meter (RS232 interface)
SA 340*: Speed Ratio Meter (RS232 interface, analogue output)
SR 340  : Speed Ratio Meter (RS232 and RS485 interface)

[PDF manual]

  • Measuring functions: tachometer, rate meter and frequency counter with two independent encoder inputs for use with incremental encoders, proximity switches, photocells

  • Both impulse inputs with individual scaling, each adjustable to 1, 2 or 4 tracks  (A, /A, B, /B), suitable for frequencies from 0,01 Hz up to 1 MHz

  • Programmable operating modes for rpm, speed, processing time (reciprocal speed), sum speed or differential speed, speed ratio and percentaged speed difference

  • 4 preselections with fast-switching outputs and programmable

    maintain / latch / start-up delay functions

  • Adjustable filtering functions, programmable linearization and more

  • Power supply 24 VDC or 24 VAC, dimensions 96 x 48 mm (3.780 x 1.890’’)

Speed ratio and differential speed

Speed Ratio Meter


Dual Frequency Counters with Relay Outputs and optional Thumbwheel Switches

SD 640-644 : Speed Ratio Meter (RS232 interface)
SA 640-644 : Speed Ratio Meter (RS232 and analogue output)
SR 640-644 : Speed Ratio Meter (RS232 and RS485 interface)

[PDF manual]

  • The frequency meters shown here provide exactly the same technical properties and functions as series SD/SA/SR 340 shown above

  • Moreover, these models are  additionally equipped with 4 output relays

    (one dry changeover contact each)

  • According to need, these models are also available with up to four front thumbwheel switch sets (preselection switches)

  • Front dimensions 96 x 96 mm (3.78 x 3.78 ‘’)

  • All available models and possible combinations are clearly described in the

    PDF operating instructions

Differential Speed Meter