Product Description

Cut-to-Length line with Rotary Shear Rotary Drilling Application

Film 08: Rotary Shear and cut-to-length line


MC700* Motion-Controller with Firmware CT701*:
Outstanding Performance with Rotary Cut-to-Length Shears

[PDF Manual]

  • MC700 is a universal motion controller for 1 to 4 axis, programmable for multiple motion applications by simple download of the corresponding function firmware.

  • With use of our CT701 firmware (see “SUPPORT”) this unit provides excellent solutions with all kinds of guillotine cutters and rotary eccentric shears needing a cosine-compensated speed profile during the penetration of the tool.

  • Extremely smooth motion  to protect  mechanical solution, by self-optimizing polynomial speed transitions

  • High cutting accuracy, even during line acceleration and at high speeds

  • Programmable cosine-compensated speed profile

  • Special torque control features to master the impact load when cutting hard materials like stainless steel etc.

  • Special profile features to avoid deadlock between tool and material

  • Embedded virtual master axis (selectable)

  • Black-box unit for cabinet mounting.

  • Remote control and communication facilities via external operator terminal, serial PC communication, CANBUS,  PROFIBUS etc (see “Accessories”)

Controller for Rotary Cut-to-Length Shears