Product Description

V/F Control Drive

z Mixing

z Conveyors

z Extrusion and Injection Molding

z Machine Tools

z Winders / Unwinders

z Fans

z Packaging Machines


Frequency Control

-Range: 0.01~400.00 Hz

-Setting resolution Digital: 0.01Hz, Analog: 0.06Hz/ 60Hz(10bits)

-Keypad setting: Set directly with▲▼ keys or the VR on the keypad

-Display Function: Five digital LED and status indicator: display frequency / Inverter parameter/ Fault Log/ Program Version

-External signal setting:

1. External potentiometer0-10V/ 0-20mA

2. Provides up/down controls, speed control or automatic procedure control with multifunctional contacts on the terminal block(TM2)

-Frequency Limit Function: Upper/lower frequency limits

General Control

-Carrier frequency: 1 ~ 12 kHz

-V/F pattern: 6 fixed patterns, 1programable curve

-Acc/Dec control: Acc/Dec time (0.1 ~ 3,600 seconds)

-Multifunction analog output: 4 functions (refer to description on 2-12)

-Multifunction input: 12 functions (refer to description on 01-00~01-04)

-Multifunction output: 6 functions (refer to description on 01-09)

-Other Functions:

Momentary Power Loss Restart, Overload Detection, 8 preset speeds, 2/3-wire Control, torque boost, Slip Compensation, Frequency Upper/ Lower Limit, Modbus slave and PC/PDA Link, Auto Restart.

– Communication Control:

1. Control by RS485

2. One to one or one to many (RS485 ONLY) control.

3. BAUD RATE/STOP BIT/PARITY/bit can be set

-Braking Torque: About 20﹪ , standard model the specified external braking resistors can provide 100%

-Operation temperature: 14-104℉ (-10 ~ 40℃ )

-Storage temperature: 4-140℉ (-20 ~ 60℃ )

-Humidity: 0 – 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condense)

-Vibration: 1G (9.8m/s2 )

-Enclosure: IP 20

Protective Functions

-FUSE protection: The motor stops after FUSE melt

-Over Voltage: 200V class: DC Voltage>410V

-Under Voltage: 200V class: DC Voltage<190V

-Momentary Power Loss Restart: Restart can be initiated with spin start .

-Other Function:

Over torque detection, error contact control, reverse prohibit, prohibit for direct start after power up and error recovery.