Product Description



FU 252*: Signal Converter Frequency to Analogue
(Voltage, Current) and to Serial RS 232 / 485

[PDF manual]

  • High performance frequency-to-analogue and frequency-to-serial converter with outstanding features and multiple conversion modes.

  • The unit can convert all frequencies, but also the sum, the difference, the product or the ratio of two frequencies to analogue and to serial format.

  • Wide input range from 1 Hz to 1 MHz for full scale output

  • Input accepts quadrature encoder signals with TTL/RS422 format or with HTL level (A,B) as well as single channel signals from sensors with PNP or NPN or Namur output

  • Analogue outputs +/- 10 V (polarity represents direction of rotation) and

    0/4 – 20 mA, resolution 14 bits

  • Serial RS232 and RS485 interface for read-out of  the actual input frequency

  • Conversion time only 1 msec., therefore also suitable as a tacho replacement

  • Accuracy 0.1%

  • Easy to set up by simple TEACH procedure, or by PC (operator software included)

  • Adjustable floating average filter to smooth output swings with unsteady input frequencies

  • Free programmable linearization curves

  • Power supply 18-30 VDC, aux. voltage output 5V for encoder supply

  • For 115/230 VAC supply see accessories

Frequency-to-Voltage Converter f/V

Please note that also some of our Speed Indicator Units are suitable for conversion
from frequency to analogue and from frequency to serial (see “Tachometers”)