Product Description

ZU 252*: Signal Converter from incremental quadrature count to analogue (voltage, current) and to serial RS232 / RS485

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  • This unit is suitable to convert angular and positional information from a quadrature encoder to analogue and serial format

  • Signal converter for use with all incremental encoders, proximitiy switches etc. either with TTL/RS422 output or with HTL (10-30V) output

  • Analogue outputs +/- 10V, 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA, proportional to the encoder position

  • RS 232 and RS 485 serial interface for readout of the actual encoder position

  • Easy to set up by simple TEACH procedure, or by PC

    (operator software: see SUPPORT)

  • Free scaling, programmable linearization curves etc.

  • Power units for 115/230 VAC supply: see accessories

Quadrature counter to analogue and serial

Please note that also some of our Display Counters are suitable for
conversion of incremental counts to analogue and to serial (see “Electronic Counters”)



Innovative optical fiber modules for a robust transmission of incremental encoder or sensor signals


LW 213/214*: transmission distance up to 3000 meters
LW 215/216*: transmission distance up to 2000 meters

[PDF manual]

  • The optical fiber modules LW213/214 or LW215/216 are building together a data transmission system for incremental signals of encoders or sensors by means of an optical fiber.

  • Safe and reliably  transmission of signals, up to a distance of 3000 meters

  • The optical fiber cable can be routed through explosive areas as well

  • Resistant against extremely strong electromagnetic fields

  • For use with all incremental encoders and sensors either with TTL/RS422 output or with HTL (10-30V) output

  • Four channels allowing a signal transmission with a sample rate of 10 MHz each

  • Maximum input clock frequency 1 MHz

  • Power supply either 5 VDC or 10-30 VDC

  • Compact DIN rail mounting

  • Already assembled optical fiber cables are available


more optical fiber modules for SSI encoders and sensors (see LW217/218)

Innovative optical fiber modules for transmission of incremental encoder or sensor signals