Product Description

Controller for Rewinder ApplicationCable Winder and Traverse


Motion-Controller MC700* with Firmware WR701*:
Compact and Advantageous Solutions for Many Common Winding Applications

  • MC700 is a universal motion controller for 1 to 4 axis, programmable for multiple motion applications by simple download of the corresponding function firmware.

  • With use of our WR701 firmware (see SUPPORT) this unit provides advantageous solutions with many common applications of winding, rewinding, traverse and tension control.

  • Different from most other winding controls, the principle of this system is not based on torque control, but uses high-precision speed control with special real-time diameter calculations. For this reason the controller provides superior features with fast start-stop-start cycle on rewinding machines,  and also  with applications requiring low tension or even tension-free winding characteristics

  • Black-box unit for cabinet mounting.

  • Remote control and communication facilities via external operator terminal, serial PC communication, CANBUS,  PROFIBUS etc (see “Accessories”)

Controller for Winding, Unwinding, Tension Control